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Webinar: FOCAC and the Future of Africa-China Cooperation

This webinar was hosted by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) in November 4, 2021.


SAIIA and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in South Africa would like to invite you to participate in a seminar drawing together globally renowned African and Chinese experts to sketch out the future of Africa-China cooperation. The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) leaders’ meeting is planned to take place in late November 2021 jointly online and in Dakar, Senegal. The triennial summit brings Chinese and African leaders together to discuss new directions in the continent’s most important political and trade relationship.

The summit comes at a key moment: while COVID-19 and climate change threatens development across the Global South, Africa is also pro-actively shaping its own economic destiny through the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

The seminar will cover two broad areas: enhancing Africa-China cooperation in the face of global crises, and exploring new frontiers of the Africa-China trade relationship opened by the AfCFTA.


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