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Webinar: BRI vs B3W- Competing Visions for African Development

On March 8, Anzetse Were was part of a panel that discussed the comparative strategies in execution between B3W and BRI and the opportunities and challenges Africa faces as a recipient of these initiatives.


  • Daniel Russel: Vice President, International Security and Diplomacy, at the Asia Society Policy Institute and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs during the Obama administration.

  • Anzetse Were: Development economist with over ten years of experience in economic research, analysis, advising and strategy development focused on inclusive economic development and transformation in Africa.

  • Professor Gibril Faal: A multi-disciplinary business and development executive, and visiting professor in practice at the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa (FLIA), London School of Economics (LSE).

  • Ovigwe Eguegu: Policy Analyst at Development Reimagined. His work focuses on geopolitics and geoeconomics with particular reference to Africa in the context of a changing global order.

  • Shirley Yu (moderator): Senior Practitioner Fellow with the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School, a Professor at the IE Business School and a distinguished foreign faculty Professor at the National Defence University, Pakistan. At the LSE Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, Dr Yu is Visiting Senior Fellow, where she is Director of the China-Africa initiative.


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