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Webinar: BRI Dialogues- In Conversation with Anzetse Were

This webinar was aired by BRI Dialogues on February 1, 2022.


In BRI-D8, we are joined by Anzetse Were, a development economist with over a decade of experience working in Africa on economic research, analysis, and strategy development.

Anzetse addresses several crucial topics, including: the infrastructure deficit in Africa, especially China’s role in addressing this; the question of human capital and innovation in Africa, particularly its relationship with external powers in the continent; and the question of free trade and regionalism in Africa. By debunking facts from fiction about what is happening in The Continent of Africa she leaves us the essential takeaway: Foreign powers cannot enter Africa with preconceived ideas of who Africa was and is; listening to Africans is the key and understanding the new generation imperative to development and mutual success.


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