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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise
Insights by Anzetse

Macroeconomics and Public Policy

Understand macroeconomic and public policy dynamics in Africa with a focus on public finance, climate change, trade and investment, and inclusive economic development.

Understand Africa Better.

A highlight of Anzetse Were's speeches, public-facing engagements, and advisory roles.

Launch of the County Green Finance Assessment Report

Anzetse Were designed, led, co-authored and supervised FSD Kenya's assessment on the potential for 10 sub-national governments (counties) to access the green finance market. The assessment was done with the approval of The National Treasury and Economic Planning and Council of Governors, and in partnership with Agusto & Co.; the Capital Markets Authority; ADA Consortium and the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

The firm selected to manage the FSD Kenya County Green Project Preparation Facility which will turn the opportunities unearthed during this assessment into green deals and transactions will also be announced.

The launch is on April 25th and will be livestreamed.

Reports and Papers
(c) Sia Were

Understand Africa Better.

A collection of reports and technical papers authored, co-authored and supervised by Anzetse Were.

Opportunities and Practice of Green Finance in Kenya

February 2024

Anzetse Were delivers a speech to government officials and development partners on the opportunities and practice of green finance in Kenya. She outlines: i) How Climate Change Interferes with Economic Opportunity; ii) The Green Finance Opportunity for Kenya; iii) Green and Climate Finance Stakeholders and Systems in Kenya; and iv) Pillars for a Conducive Environment for Green Finance Mobilisation. She shared her insights in her capacity as an appointee to the Inter-Agency Taskforce on the development of the National Climate Finance Mobilisation Strategy for Kenya by The National Treasury and Economic Planning.

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Understand Africa Better.

Anzetse Were discusses Economic Transformation, Finance Systems, Inclusive Development, Great Power Competition, and Sustainable Finance in Africa.

Webinars and Panels
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Kenya Carbon Markets Conference

March 2024

Anzetse Were speaks at the inaugural Kenya Carbon Markets Conference on a panel focused on Carbon Pricing and The EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. She provided insight on the factors African governments are balancing as they consider different approaches to carbon pricing in the context of both voluntary and compliance carbon markets. She joins Faten Aggad (Senior Advisor on Climate Diplomacy and Geopolitics at the African Climate Foundation); James Mwangi (CEO/Founder, Africa Climate Ventures and Climate Action Platform for Africa); and Mbithe Muema (Chief Business Officer) on a panel moderated by Paul Muthaura, Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Carbon Markets Initiative.

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