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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise
Africa Roundtable

(C) Global Perspectives Initiative

Macroeconomics and Public Policy

Understand macroeconomic and public policy dynamics in Africa with a focus on public finance, climate change, trade and investment, and inclusive economic development.

Understand Africa Better.

A highlight of Anzetse Were's speeches, public-facing engagements, and advisory roles.

Highlights of 2024 so far...

Reports and Papers
(c) Sia Were

Understand Africa Better.

A collection of reports and technical papers authored, co-authored and supervised by Anzetse Were.

Women in business and finance

October 2023

Anzetse delivered a keynote speech at the women's Leadership Program by Duke Corporate Education, on women in the business and finance landscape. Her speech highlighted how women stabilise and grow economies; the status of women in financial inclusion; the features and capabilities of female entrepreneurs; and how women organise their financial priorities through the lens of their lifecycle and financial needs.

Women in business
Kenya Carbon Markets Conference

Understand Africa Better.

Anzetse Were discusses Economic Transformation, Finance Systems, Carbon Markets, Great Power Competition, and Sustainable Finance in Africa.

Webinars and Panels
Digital Finance in Africa

The Dynamics and Outlook of Crypto-Asset Markets in Africa

June 2024

Anzetse Were speaks at The Digital Finance in Africa Workshop convened by the OECD, the Regional Centre of Excellence ( Mauritius), the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) and Bank of Mauritius. 

Her comments covered the dynamics and outlook of crypto-asset markets in Africa, with a focus  regulatory, private sector and consumer developments. She further pointed out the unique value proposition of stablecoins as well as the particularised challenges they present to financial markets in Africa.

She shared the session with Carmine Di Noia, Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD; Sandra Ro, CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council; Peter Goodrich, Member of Secretariat, Financial Stability Board; and Arif Ismail, Deputy Division Chief, Payment & Infrastructure, IMF; chaired by Pauline Charazac, Advisor, International and Institutional Relations, Bank of Mauritius and RCE Governing Board member.


Food for Thought

Recently headlines in Africa have been filled with African tech companies announcing that they are closing, filing for bankruptcy, entering into administration, implementing massive lay-offs and/or substantially cutting back their operations.​  If I really wanted to play the hardball argument, I would say that what we are seeing is not just strain or a ‘funding winter’ for some in the Africa tech scene. Rather this is a massive market correction after years of the misallocation of funds to firms, too many of which didn’t have the business models, aptitude, and maturity to manage the demands required after massive fundraising rounds.

But it’s not only the firms’ fault. Too often, investors have not designed their funding approach and style to meet the requirements of start-ups in Africa. Too often investors fail to develop their own capabilities to make their skills relevant and fit-for-purpose. As a result they often do not have abilities to appropriately meet the financing requirements, demands, and opportunities of one of the fastest growing continents in the world.

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