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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise
Insights by Anzetse

Macroeconomics and Public Policy

Understand macroeconomic and public policy dynamics in Africa with a focus on public finance, climate change, trade and investment, and inclusive economic development.

Food for Thought

'Having been part of a team that provided technical and financial resources to startup firms in the tech space, I have a good understanding of the factors informing the strain segments of the tech sector are facing. Indeed, I would argue what we are seeing now is not strain but a market correction after years of misallocation of funds to firms, too many of which didn't have the aptitude, tools and frankly maturity, to either size their markets properly or truly figure out how to deal with highly opaque and informal markets. Don't get me started on product-market fit.' #MoreLater

Comments by Anzetse Were when asked, 'What's going on with the tech scene in Kenya right now?'

Understand Africa Better.

A highlight of Anzetse Were's speeches, public-facing engagements, and advisory roles.

Reports and Papers
(c) Sia Were

Understand Africa Better.

A collection of reports and technical papers authored, co-authored and supervised by Anzetse Were.

Debt Distress and Climate-Resilient Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

August 2023

Anzetse Were co-authors this white paper to provide insight and data on the debt-climate nexus in Africa--and how the continent can come out of the debt and climate change crisis stronger and more resilient. African countries need significantly more voice and representation in the international economic architecture in general, and debt restructuring in particular. Further inaction will not only inflict material damage globally in the form of climate change and lost market opportunities, but also further erode the legitimacy of the architecture itself.

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Understand Africa Better.

Anzetse Were discusses Economic Transformation, Finance Systems, Inclusive Development, Great Power Competition, and Sustainable Finance in Africa.

Webinars and Panels

Private Equity and Venture Capital Roundtable

September 2023

Anzetse speaks during the opening panel of the PE and VC Roundtable on the impact of the macroeconomic environment on private investment. She outlined the implications of the deterioration in the macroeconomy as well as key bright spots that will drive private investment and economic growth. Other panelists include Kenneth Mwige, the Director General of the Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat, and Ambassador Kyle McCarter, Senior Advisor of Everstrong Capital Kenya Limited and Former United States Ambassador to Kenya . The roundtable was organised by Ashitiva Advocates LLP, Pinsent & Masons LLP and the Nairobi International Finance Centre Authority.


Understand Africa Better.

Anzetse Were joins numerous podcasts to share her insights on topics such as Great Power Competition, Africa-China Economic Relations, and Innovation in Africa.


Think Change: Africa-China – where is the relationship heading?

May 2023

 Hosted by Sara Pantuliano, Chief Executive of the Overseas Development Institute, the conversation explores how African countries are shaping their own relationship with China and the role the Chinese private sector is playing in fuelling investment and growth on the continent.

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How private Chinese companies are winning in Africa

April 2022

Africa-China economic relations are dominated by state-to-state interactions, but Chinese private companies are making a unique impact on the continent’s economic transformation. Here’s how.

Read the article by Anzetse  Were.

Narrated by Sarah Kutulakos.

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Sinica Podcast: FOCAC 2021 in Dakar, Senegal, and B3W 

December 2021

Anzetse Were joins Kaiser and Jeremy and discuss FOCAC coverage, media narratives on China in Africa, and the likelihood that programs like B3W and Global Gateway can move the needle when it comes to China’s position on the continent.

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