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Webinar: Sustainable Finance for Emerging Markets

This webinar was hosted as part of the 4th Annual Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment Conference.


Many emerging markets for decades have been able to attract global investments from both private and public financial institutions. This has lifted billions of people out of poverty and has partly improved equity in many emerging economies. In the aftermath of COVID-19, however, future economic development in emerging economies looks challenging with debt crises, a continued health crisis, lack of economic opportunities risking social unrest, and unresolved as well as accelerating environmental issues. The IMF predicts that all inequality improvements made since 2008 could be wiped out. Against this backdrop, this panel will discuss recent development and challenges for sustainable finance and investment in emerging economies, including the question of China’s increasing footprint in emerging markets finance. With leading experts from all major regions and sectors, questions on financing priorities, responsibilities and sustainability standards will be discussed.

Moderator: Christoph Nedopil, Associate Professor Economics, FISF Fudan University, Director Green Finance & Development Center, FISF Fudan University


Sanaa Abouzaid, Country Manager for Central America, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group

Kevin Gallagher, Professor of Global Development Policy; Director, Global Development Policy Center, Boston University

Paul Milon, Head of Stewardship, Asia Pacific at BNP Paribas Asset Management

ZHAO Zheng, Deputy General Manager of the International Department, SINOSURE China

Anzetse Were, Senior Economist, FSD Kenya


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