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Scaling Green Finance: A CoP 28 Side Event

On December 4th at CoP 28, The National Treasury Economic Planning (TNT) co-hosted a side event with FSD Kenya on scaling green finance opportunities for Kenya. The focus of the event was the green investment opportunity project created by Anzetse Were, which she initiated with the approval of The National Treasury.

L to R: Milkah Chebii (FSD Kenya Green Finance Consultant), Peter Odhengo (Head, Climate Finance and Green Economy Unit and PC-FLLOCA), Albert Mwenda (Director General of Budget, Fiscal and Economic Affairs), Anzetse Were, Ikechukwu Iheagwam (Regional Director of Agusto&Co.)

At the event, The Director General of Budget, Fiscal and Economic Affairs Albert Mwenda delivered the keynote address, where he shared the key green and climate finance activities and policy action being led by The National Treasury, including steps being taken to manage the economic and fiscal effects of climate change.

Peter Odhego, Head, Climate Finance and Green Economy Unit and PC-FLLoCA, provided insight on how Kenya's public finance approach to green finance has evolved over time, culminating in the FLLoCA (Financing Locally Led Climate Action) program which is entering the next phase of scaled up investment grants to counties in Kenya.

Anzetse Were shared an overview of the origin of the county green investment opportunity project and outlined the profile of county clusters and how they each present unique green financing opportunities. She also provided recommendations on how to build resilient carbon projects and portfolios.

Ikechukwu Iheagwam lead consultant from Agusto&Co. on the county green investment opportunity project, gave a presentation of the key findings including the fiscal and creditworthiness assessment, and highlights of the green project pipeline developed through this project.

Milkah Chebii, Green Finance Consultant and Head of Mission of the county green investment opportunity project moderated the event.

The report of the findings from the project will be launched early next year during which announcements will be made of more market-facing engagements curated by Anzetse Were, that will leverage the green deal pipeline generated by this work.


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