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Report: Technology and the Future of the Financial Sector in Africa- Centering Ethical Innovation

Technology has played and will continue to play a central role in financial sector development in Africa and in enabling Africans to access financial services and products. The dynamism of the fintech ecosystem in particular has brought immense immediate and potential opportunities that can be leveraged to improve the financial and economic position and freedom of billions of people.

This report centres a view from Africa, and assesses the emerging ethical risks and dilemmas that ought to be managed in fintech development and provides ideas on how to centre ethical innovation in financial sector development.

Report outline:

- The role of technology in financial inclusion in Kenya

- Financial inclusion versus financial health

- Scale of fintech investment in Africa

- Dynamic ecosystem for fintech: How do you support impactful innovation?

- What risks looks like in fintech innovation

- Issues to consider in a dynamic fintech innovation ecosystem

- How to foster an ethical and dynamic innovation ecosystem

Anzetse Were authored the report and originally presented it as a keynote at a conference convened by Stanford University on The Ethics & Impacts of AI and Advanced Technology .


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