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Dynamics and Outlook of Crypto-Asset Markets in Africa

On June 20th, Anzetse Were spoke at The Digital Finance in Africa Workshop convened by the OECD, the Regional Centre of Excellence ( Mauritius), the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) and Bank of Mauritius.

The session centred on the limits of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) for financial inclusion. Her comments covered the dynamics and outlook of crypto-asset markets in Africa, with a focus on regulatory, private sector and consumer developments. She pointed out the ambiguity and/or lack of consensus on the definitions of key digital assets across different institutions and jurisdictions as a foundational challenge.

Anzetse highlighted the unique value proposition of stablecoins and the particularised challenges they present to African financial markets. She closed with the factors that will inform the future developments in crypto and stablecoin asset markets in Africa.

On a second panel on Fintech Lending in Africa, Anzetse outlined the dynamics behind the growth of fintech lending in Africa and shared her expertise on the macroeconomic boundaries of fintech and how to balance innovation with consumer ethics.

Find her presentation below:


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