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The significance of informal finance for MSEs

This webinar was convened by CGAP on 6 December 2022.

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) derive value from informal financial services despite the existence of formal and tech enabled financial services. MSEs also have a variety of motivations and journeys, differing financial and non-financial needs, and attitudes toward finance.

Anzetse Were joins a panel to discuss the credit needs, incentives and factors that inform the uptake and use of formal and informal financial services by MSEs.


Tim Ogden | Director, Financial Access Initiative

Anzetse Were | Senior Economist, FSD Kenya

Diana Mejia | Senior Specialist, Development Bank of Latin America

Neeraj Bansal | CEO and Founder, Credright Limited


Elizabeth Kiamba | Financial Sector Analyst, CGAP

Folasade Agbejule | Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP


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